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Hello world!

May 16, 2010

After being a mother for almost 20 years, I was amazed today to find how inspirational my children really are.  As we were listening to a mix of music that my oldest daughter had made for me for mother’s day, one of the songs was from the movie Quest for Camelot about seeing through another’s eyes.  At that moment my youngest daughter of 15 months was calmly looking at me as she nursed.  In thinking about seeing life through her eyes, it hit me that to her, I am awesome! 

That took me by surprise and I was so humbled to realize that all of my children see me as an awesome, awe-inspiring individual.  So it must be true!  They are young and innocent and see truth – so I must really be all that! 

So I can’t possibly be the person that I have been feeling I am lately – a failure in so many areas.  Instead, I’m discovering that I am not perfect and yet still awesome.  This gives me the energy to start to conquer some of the areas I’m failing in.